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    Passion towards nature has originally sparked the flame to develop this product.

    From the manufacturing to installing, PROVolitans uses only environmentally safe solutions.

    We protect what we love.


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SeaLife Helsinki is using PROVolitans in their large shark tank.


In this tank they used to have 400 W halides, that not only consumed lots of energy, but were also hard to maintain. Units also produded excess heat, and it was hard to keep the temperature of the water cool enough.


400W units were replaced by 27W PROVolitans 100-units with ratio 1:1.


They also use PROVolitans 100 as effect lights -purple sharks have been a success!


In the tank they can now "guide" the fishes to swim in just the right places, and also, as units are so powerful, they were able to install them higher than the old units, which makes maintenance even easier.


To save energy, to relieve the maintenance, to offer great experiences for the visitors -what else could you wish for?