PROVolitans is simple and efficient.


Normally we would say "long story short",

but if you want to get into details, then this is just the right place.

Please take your time, and read through some of the marvellous features.


Oh, and never hesitate to ask us directly, if you have questions.

We have plenty of data (for example certificates) that do not show on the page.

High-tech surface finishing

PROVolitans does not rely solely on its corrosion resistant aluminium casing when it comes to facing the harsh aquarium conditions.

All units are painted with high-tech Akzo Nobel paints, and when needed, also nano coated.

We do our best in ensuring that your purchase will last next to forever.


Integrated and tailored LED-drivers

There is no separate ballast (with lower IP-rating) or other power modules.

The LED-drivers are INSIDE the casing and are designed and manufactured in Finland, exclusively for these products.

All different PROVolitans models have different types of LED-drivers, because best possible products cannot be built with “one size fits all” LED-drivers.

When drivers are designed for the units, and not the other way around, it is justified to make long life claims.

Please notice, that all other light units tend to exclude their drivers from their warranty, and that they do not design their own drivers. 


Truly green product

PROVolitans units are designed to last as a complete product, not only as led-components.

This means that every component has to be designed to work the entire lifetime of the unit.

When we invest in long-lasting-design, and not into “throw-away ideology”, we life to see the greener future.

Unit is 98% recycleable as it is mostly aluminium. Everything has been carefully considered: we use recycled aluminium, we do not wrap internal components into plastic, we use environmentally friendly packaging materials, prefer to transport via "green means" etc. And all this is extra to the the great CO2-savings achieved by energy savings and getting rid of exchange bulbs.


Cost savings

Energy savings that really hold true: PROVolitans units save typically 40%-80% of direct energy used for lighting.

Consumptions are exactly what they are told to be, and not only “part of the story".

They also spare you from the burden of exchanging the bulbs yearly.

It is also possible to save some nice extra, as the possible need for cooling is greatly reduced.

When all is well designed, it is really possible to achieve the promised savings: units last long, they are efficient, care-free, bright and reliable.


5 year warranty

We offer 5 year full warranty for the entire unit. Yes, that´s right –ENTIRE UNIT. This INCLUDES the driver. Beat that.


Fully certified and tested

We are glad to announce that PROVolitans is propably the most widely certified and tested light unit in the market.

It is EMC protected according to the latest regulations, as well as IP tested, overheat tested, sand&dust tested, salt mist tested, uv-resistance tested, shockproof tested, Siemens life-time tested just to mention few.

Also, we have carried out extensive coral and plant growth tests over the years –with more than 60 different coral species. And counting.


Different models


PROVolitans SALT- Blue-peaked unit for reef tanks.


PROVolitans SWEET – White-light unit for fresh water aquariums, paludariums, Malawis, tropicariums, orchids etc.

Several spectral options available: Special white 3000K, Warm white 4000K and Cold white 6000K.


PROVolitans SL – universal ”crispy white” unit with combination of blue and white LEDs. To bring out the colors.


PROVolitans EFFECT - Series of effect lights, in colours of blue, red, green, purple, yellow... To make any exhibit unique!


 Typical models:




Lenses available

(opening angle)



PROVolitans 26W

Nickname 1x

Grey, alum.


0,13 A

9-deg, 12-deg, 30-deg, 60-deg and 80-deg


1,4 kg

PROVolitans 50W

Nickname 2x

Grey, alum.


0,23 A

9-deg, 12-deg, 30-deg, 60-deg and 80-deg


2,5 kg

PROVolitans 75W

Nickname 3x

Grey, alum.


0,35 A

9-deg, 12-deg, 30-deg, 60-deg and 80-deg


3,6 kg

PROVolitans 99W

Nickname 4x

Grey, alum.


0,46 A

9-deg, 12-deg, 30-deg, 60-deg and 80-deg


4,6 kg

PROVolitans 124W

Nickname 5x

Grey, alum.


0,58 A

9-deg, 12-deg, 30-deg, 60-deg and 80-deg


5,8 kg

 We also offer PROVolitans 149W ("6x"), 198 W ("8x"), 295 W ("12x") and 391W ("16x") for extra large exhibits.


Basically - we do not believe, that such thing exists, as "too big" exhibition. You challenge us!


Made in EU

Units are entirely manufactured in Finland, including all of the components. Casings, lensing, LED-drivers, LED-boards, design, manufacture...

Only the LED´s are not self-manufactured: we have chosen Osram as our partner.