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All lights can be convereted to LED

-no matter how large exhibits you have, or how deep your tanks are.

If you think you have a challenge to offer, then go ahead and let us suprise you!

PROVolitans brings reason to LED-market with its products.

PROVolitans is simply better.


- It´s Entirely Built in-house. No cheap imported components. All made in Finland.

- It´s Got The Best Warranty. 5 years, fully international. Including, yes -everything.

- It´s Incredibly Powerful. Best lumen/watt output. We do wonders with watts.

- It´s Easy To Maintain. No fans or heat fins. IP66. Wash and go!

- It´s Truly Sustainable. Certified, long lifetime. Recycled aluminium. No plastic crap.

 Beat that.


We share the same passion with our customers -we care for, and want to protect what´s within. Respect the nature, and let it guide us.


Our mission if to fight the "throw-away" ideology.

And crush it.

And throw it away.